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Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR) service in support of your existing IT Department or MSP
Systems and Support, Inc. (SSI) provided Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR) products and services are summarized below:

A. SSI provided BDR software backs up customer Windows server(s) every 15 minutes  and transfers these 15 minute backups to an on-site SSI provided customer BDR server where they are consolidated and retained as daily, weekly, and monthly backups.
B. Every night, the customer BDR server transmits the daily backup to the SSI Private Cloud facility in Concord, MA.
C. In the event a customer Windows application server fails, SSI can remotely log into the on-site customer BDR system and have this system virtualize (replace) the failed customer Windows application server. Typically, users are back to work on the virtual Windows application server within 15 to 30 minutes.
D. The BDR server continues to both (1) backup other customer Windows application server while it (2) replaces the failed customer Windows application server.
E. The BDR server software provides for a “bare metal” restore of the failed Windows application server if necessary. This allows the customer to consider, if warranted,  a significant upgrade to the failed server rather than a repair.

SSI vs. Brand Name (proprietary) PC Products and Services
Here are the reasons why we think Systems and Support Inc (SSI) is a better PC product and service alternative than the larger brand name computer manufacturers …IBM, HP, and DELL.

A. Industry Standard vs. Proprietary Systems and Products
Industry Standard Products - SSI builds PC with 100% industry standard parts. Therefore, our replacement parts are as far away as our stock room or your local PC distributor/store. Industry standard products are characterized by: pricing which is very competitive, large number of local vendors and a wide variety of compatible products. Some of the vendor products we use are: Intel Corporation, Seagate (largest disk drive manufacturer in the world), and 3COM (networking industry leader)…many of whom provide the identical (or same category) of products to, for example, IBM, HP, and/or DELL.

Proprietary Products – larger brand name vendors tend to build systems with “proprietary” parts. Therefore, proprietary replacement parts are available ONLY thru a manufacturer controlled distribution system. In some cases, parts must be shipped from 1000 miles away. The warranty and/or contract maintenance repair work may be subcontracted to a third party vendor. Proprietary products have: pricing which is tightly controlled by the vendor, with a single or few outlets, and a limited variety of replacement parts. With the absence of competitive market price competition, you can imagine the effect on final “proprietary” product pricing.


B. Systems/Parts Warranties
SSI – passes all factory parts warranties to its customers…at no additional charge. These warranties can extend for three years, five years, or a lifetime. Our customers are never charged for replacement parts which are within/covered by a factory warranty.

Brand Name Vendors – typically charge extra for 1, 2, or 3 year warranties. Rarely, do brand name manufacturers offer a 5 year, or lifetime warranty at any price.

C. Service Contracts
SSI – does all of its own contract service work…we do not subcontract to other vendors. The same SSI technician works on a simple or persistent problem until it is repaired. Our PC service contracts include software services as well…if a hardware failure corrupts program files (and you purchased those affected program products from SSI), SSI will work with you to reinstall the operating system, and affected application programs. As always, backup of all programs and data files are the customers responsibility. Reinstallation of damaged operating system and application programs, will be done, to the best of our ability, under provisions of the hardware service contract and no additional charge.

Brand Name Vendors – many brand name vendors subcontract their PC contract maintenance hardware service work to third party vendors. Therefore, it is possible to have an intermittent problem serviced on Monday being serviced, again, by a completely different technician on Friday.

Further, we are not aware of a single brand name manufacturer who will (due to a contract hardware maintenance product failure) reinstall, for example, your Windows operating system, backup software, and, for example, exchange server or other email program files under the provisions of the PC maintenance contract and at no additional cost. Typically, brand name vendors do not do this work. If they should perform or subcontract the work, it will be at an additional charge. Each vendor is different and you will need to check and compare their service offering and, particularly, standard time and material labor rates.

D. Hardware/Software Upgrades
SSI – there are, essentially, no restrictions on upgrades with PC systems purchased from SSI. As long as the selected upgrade equipment is compatible with your PCs hardware/software. We can install ANY vendors upgrade equipment or ANY software for you without effecting the hardware maintenance agreement. If the customer wishes, in most all cases, we can add the upgrade equipment to the existing maintenance contract.

Brand Name Vendors – generally will not allow anyone to install any equipment not purchased from and/or approved by them. In many cases, installing equipment not approved by or purchased from the brand name vendor will or may “void” the complete system warranty.

We have seen several instances where a customer has purchased brand name product systems and, subsequently, purchased and completed hardware upgrades themselves or with another third party vendor, only to find that their multi PC service warranty was “voided”. In other cases, the customer was required to uninstall all of the foreign (non-brand name vendor provided products) products including the Windows operating system upgrade and upgrade equipment before the brand name vendor would honor the warranty.


E. Loaner PC And Printer Equipment
SSI - Intermittent PC failures is when the problem can not be quickly identified and repaired…some people will lose the use of their PC for some time. SSI has always provided free (no charge) loaner equipment for our maintenance customers should it be necessary to take their defective equipment off-site and/or to our shop for repair.

Brand Name Vendors - as a general statement, these large vendors never make loaner equipment available to their maintenance customers. Again, you may want to check with the brand name vendor regarding their loaner equipment policies before you make a purchase.

F. Remote PC Access And Repair Via Internet
SSI - We currently have a remote access and repair service which gives our technicians the ability (with the customers permission) to access customer’s problem computer(s) via the internet, and troubleshoot and complete software repairs. The online aspect of this service allows for faster computer repair without the time delay and expense of having a technician traveling to your site. This is an optional fee based service. To be eligible for this service, there is a fixed monthly charge per account…from $5.00 to $15.00 per month. We do bill for the technician on-line time to repair your system.

Brand Name Vendors - may or may not provide this service on a fee basis.

G. Software Contract Management Services
SSI – works closely with its customers to select their server and/or desktop operating system software, application software, and supporting (backup, antivirus, malware) software and SSI helps manage vendor software license and maintenance contracts. SSI continuously assists its customers in management their software installation, maintenance, and license renewals. Improper selection of operating system and application software can adversely effect installation and ongoing maintenance costs.

Brand Name Vendors - On-line Stores/Retail Stores – rarely discuss these issues with their customers

Maintaining, developing, and protecting your company's technology and data capabilities can be difficult. Having to deal with unseen problems, upgrades, and implementation is a challenge in itself. But having to maintain the resources for an in-house networking department and the expense can be truly overwhelming. That is where Systems and Support, Inc. becomes an invaluable partner.