Why SSI?

There are many suppliers for PC hardware and software products and services. Why should you consider Systems and Support Inc (SSI)? There are many reasons for you to do business with SSI. The most significant, we believe, are outlined below.

We Act as Your Information Technology Department
For small to medium size organizations with from 1 to 100 employees, SSI provides all of the services they might expect from an in-house IT service department. These include but are not limited to:

  1. assemble, test computer hardware…complete systems, and/or parts,
  2. install, update operating systems, antivirus, backup, internet software,
  3. setup, update, maintain, and troubleshoot software,
  4. deliver, install, and final setup of complete server and desktop computers, and
  5. training at the customer’s site.
  6. providing local hardware and software maintenances and support services….either by telephone, on-site service calls, and/or by taking remote control of your computers and troubleshooting them via the internet.
  7. work with any of the customer’s major software vendors to upgrade, troubleshoot major application software and management systems. 

We can provide Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR) service in support of your existing IT Department or MSP

Systems and Support, Inc. (SSI) can provide BDR services in support of your IT department or in support of your existing Managed Service Provider (MSP).Under this arrangement, SSI would, in part, install and maintain all of the BDR systems hardware, software, and storage of your data. In the event of an application server failure, SSI would insure that a BDR server came up and virtualized (essentially replaced) the failed server allowing all users to continue their work until the failed server can be repaired.